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Faith Community Church originally began as Faith Evangelical Methodist Church in February of 1960 during a prayer in the home of Larsette & Lurliene McDaniel. Those also in attendance were Roscoe & Idell Jenkins, Jim Garrett,Sr.,and Pastor Ray Seay. Due to the interest in the church and after much prayer, the people, by faith, secured Center Hill School located on Bankhead Highway near Grove Park as a meeting place for regular services.

Brother A.A. Williamson, the District Superintendent in the Evangelical Methodist Church, met with the people on April 6, 1960. Seven people came forward to join the church. Thus, the church was officially organized.

In October of 1960, the members voted to purchase Mt. Harmony’s old school building on Bankhead Highway in Mableton. The men of the church remodeled the interior. In the spring of that same year, the building was ready as a house of worship. In 1974, after the sale of 100,000 dollars of Bearer Bonds, a new sanctuary, Sunday School rooms, and fellowship hall were added.

Years later, the church, after much prayer, sold its property on Bankhead Highway and purchased 23 acres of land on McKown Road in Douglasville. Starting in 1987, the congregation met at Garrett Middle School while the new building was constructed. Following two years of dedicated prayer and hard work, the first service was held in the new facility on October 1, 1989.

As time progressed, it became apparent that the church needed to expand its facilities. Many options were under consideration when the building and fellowship hall on North Burnt Hickory Road became available. The church bought the property in the summer of 2000, and services began in the fall.

In 2006, the church voted to change its name to Faith Community Church.

In March of 2011, because of deep concerns over the greater control the denomination exercised over the local churches, the congregation voted to withdraw from the Evangelical Methodist Church. The desire for withdrawal was also greatly bolstered by a loss of confidence in its denominational leadership.

In 2014, members of Faith Community Church voted to join the National Association of Wesleyan Evangelicals (NAWE). Please visit the NAWE's website to learn more about the associate's mission and purpose.